Enhancing Research And Innovation Capacity Of TÜBİTAK MAM Food Institute On Management Of Mycotoxigenic Fungi And Mycotoxins

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MycoTWIN Kick-off Meeting

MycoTWIN- Kick-off Meeting, which has been organized in online way at zoom on 15 Desember 2020 with participation of the Beneficiaries. The meeting was set up for discussing and assessing with all beneficiaries the project organization, planing, timeline and strategies.

The purpose of the meeting was:

  • To give a brief introduction of all the Institutes involved in the project
  • To give an overview of the MycoTWIN and develop a common understanding on its objectives and concept
  • To clarify the Project positioning in the whole timeline of MycoTWIN
  • To examine in detail all the project WPs and tasks, pointing out the expected results
  • To identify the specific risks and discuss about the respective contingency plans
  • To examine ethics and gender issues
  • To clarify the Project management and organisational structure and the procedures for the project administration and reporting.