Enhancing Research And Innovation Capacity Of TÜBİTAK MAM Food Institute On Management Of Mycotoxigenic Fungi And Mycotoxins

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Short term visit

Short-term visit on the topic of "LC-MS/MS analysis of mycotoxins in nuts and dried fruits and risk assessment trough the deterministic approach" was organized at the University of Valencia, Spain, between May 16 through July 29, 2022. Experts from the University of Valencia shared their expertise and practical knowledge regarding the techniques applied to detect mycotoxins in nuts with Dr. Ilknur Demirtas, a researcher from TUBITAK.

Raw organic and conventional nut samples namely walnut, almond, cashew nut, hazelnut, and pistachio were collected from local markets in Valencia. QuEChERS procedure and immunoaffinity columns were used for sample extraction and cleanup. Then, two analytical methods HPLC-FLD and LC-Q-TOF-MS were compared for the quantitative determination of aflatoxin B1 and Ochratoxin-A. The researcher from TUBITAK was able to improve her skills, knowledge, and awareness of multi-mycotoxin determination as a result of this advanced knowledge transfer on mycotoxin identification.