Enhancing Research And Innovation Capacity Of TÜBİTAK MAM Food Institute On Management Of Mycotoxigenic Fungi And Mycotoxins

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Short term visit

Short-term visit on "Pre and post-harvest management for mycotoxins and toxigenic fungi minimization in dried fruits, nuts, cereals and spices;Mycotoxin monitoring and toxigenic fungi identification" was held in CNR-ISPA, Bari-Italy, between 20 June to 29 July 2022. Expert researchers from CNR-ISPA carried out joint studies to transfer their knowledge and experience to TUBITAK researchers Ceyda Pembeci Kodolbaş and Dr. N. Aslı Öncü. In this context, molecular identification, determination of toxigenic potential and phylogenetic analysis of molds isolated from Pistachio of Turkish origin were carried out in order to reveal the risk of mycotoxins in nuts.